The Tao of Strategy: 12 Principles and 4 Action Directives

Western analytical tools are important to the process of understanding industries and competitors, but true insights can be achieved with what the Buddha called beginner’s mind. In this The Tao of Strategy excerpt, the authors explore how Eastern philosophy complements Western strategy-making and offer 12 principles that can inform business leaders

How to Write a Brand Essence Statement

To develop and manage a brand effectively, marketers start by defining it with a brand essence statement. In an excerpt from her book Positioning for Advantage, Professor Kim Whitler discusses the blueprint for building a brand from the bottom up, including the foundation, the support, the impact on a consumer and, ultimately, the brand essence.

The Core of Apple’s Strategy

A Matter of Strategy: The laptop industry is competitive, and the product is highly available and highly interchangeable. Faced with unfavorable market dynamics, how did Apple carve out its niche among laptop makers? What implications are there for other organizations and industries? The answers lie in a capacity to rewrite the playbook.

Design Thinking vs. Cognitive Biases: 10 Biases for Innovation to Overcome

Professor Jeanne Liedtka calls out 10 specific biases that cause especially serious problems for innovators. Design Thinking’s ability to fight these common biases accounts for its ability to help us test our ideas successfully.

Scale Up a Startup: The Importance of Operations

Professor Chao looks at Husk Power Systems and the operations surrounding this start up.

6 Global Business Lessons From Ki Aikido: Energy and Strategy

an businesses learn from Eastern philosophies? Major names like Disney, Dollar General and Men’s Health have implemented principles of Ki Aikido to great success. Professor Bourgeois discusses the concept of ki and the six lessons on energy and strategy one may glean from Kōichi Tōhei’s simple, profound “Principles of Mind and Body Unification.”

Hoshin Kanri: A Management Tool for Continuous Improvement

Hoshin Kanri is effective strategy deployment without a bureaucratic air but with a commitment to continuous improvement. Elliott Weiss and Austin English describe the simple construct that increases engagement at all levels, detailing general concepts, basic steps, and keys to successful implementation and iteration.

5 Questions on the Future of Grocery

While the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have accelerated trends for much of the retail industry, the impact on the grocery world is not so clear-cut. Darden Professor Tim Laseter discusses the state and future of the grocery industry and his “How to Win in Online Grocery” research.

Chips on the Table: Chinese Consumer Electronics Manufacturer Bets Big on European Microchip Maker

China manufactures nearly a quarter of the world’s high-tech goods, but most of those goods’ microchips come from the U.S. When tension rose in U.S.-China relations, one Chinese company found an M&A win-win with a European chipmaker looking to expand in China’s market. Here’s how a CEO turned around an existential threat and supply chain weak link.

In the Era of the Global Workplace and Dispersed Teams, How Can Managers Promote a Cohesive Culture?

How can managers promote consistent ways of working among team members from diverse cultural backgrounds who are based all over the world? And how can leaders help workers develop solid relationships with their colleagues even though they may not meet them regularly — if ever? Darden Professor Yo-Jud Cheng sheds light on those questions.