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Public-Private Partnerships

EMPROPAZ: Financial Inclusion in a Refugee Crisis

To ensure that refugees are able to rebuild their lives in dignity and safety, complex challenges must be addressed. By providing microfinancing opportunities, as well as business and self-care education, EMPROPAZ has transformed the lives of Colombian entrepreneurs and Venezuelan migrants, and by extension, host communities across Colombia.

Outcomes-Based Financing: The Quality Education India Development Impact Bond

Impact bonds are outcomes-based contracts that catalyse funding from “risk investors” to cover upfront working capital to deliver services. To improve the quality of education available for children in India, a goal aligned with the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals, the Quality Education India Development Impact Bond was formed.

Accelerated Learning Program: Expanding Education Access in Ethiopia

As conflict and climate-related disruptions increasingly threaten children’s futures, the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Ethiopia is prioritizing innovative approaches to nonformal education as part of its efforts to expand education access to out-of-school children and has partnered with the Luminos Fund as a public-private partnership changing the world.

The Haiti Humanitarian Air Bridge: Facilitating Aid

When disaster occurs in conflict-prone regions, the main objective is to create a safe space for the people in the region, usually by evacuating them. When a country is completely cut off, all basic infrastructure and services within the country are down, there is an outbreak of disease, and the government is run over, how do you reach them?

The HealthTech Hub Africa: Implementing Digital Strategies

Technology and innovation hold promise for addressing urgent health challenges and creating job opportunities. Many African countries have developed national digital health strategies, but implementing them can pose significant challenges. The HealthTech Hub Africa is a leading public-private partnership offering practical, scalable solutions.

The Partnership for Central America: Encouraging Economic Development

The Partnership for Central America works with businesses and social enterprises to address the root causes of migration through economic opportunity and investments in education, health care and transportation infrastructure. It’s a public-private partnership in support of Vice President Kamala Harris’ Call to Action for Central America.

SAMRIDH: Using Blended Finance Toward Quality Health Care in India

SAMRIDH Healthcare Blended Finance Facility improves access to affordable and quality health care for the most socioeconomically vulnerable in India. It leverages philanthropic funding to mitigate barriers for private investment and drive greater commercial investments toward health system strengthening and is a leading public-private partnership.

Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation: Inclusive Economic Growth

The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation promotes inclusive economic growth by giving developing and least developed countries better access to international trade. A neutral convener between government and business, it provides technical support and guidance, channeling global business knowledge. It is a leading public-private partnership.

The Plastics Solutions Alliance: A Recycling Value Chain in Timor-Leste

Pursuing plastic neutrality, the Plastics Solution Alliance in Timor-Leste works to minimize the use and improper disposal of plastic and establish an inclusive recycling value chain. This will expand the small manufacturing base, diversify an oil-dependent economy and provide employment opportunities. It is a leading public-private partnership.

School the World: Addressing the Education Crisis in Central America

To improves sustainable, quality education in Guatemala, School the World joined forces with local governments and local community councils to build new infrastructure, improve teacher morale and create trusting relationships with local stakeholders. It is a leading public-private partnership.