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Stakeholder Theory

The Stakeholder Podcast: Leadership, Inequality and Power

Is power inherently bad? Why do social class disparities emerge in organizations, and how can those organizations mitigate inequality — do they change hearts and minds or internal structure? Darden Professors Ed Freeman and Peter Belmi discuss power, leadership and inequality on The Stakeholder Podcast.

Step Into Web3: 4 Questions for Businesses to Consider

Darden Professor Dennie Kim looks at the opportunities and challenges organizations will face as they adapt to the rise of Web3 and work to get ahead of the curve.

The Stakeholder Podcast: The Real Impact of Climate Change

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued its assessment report on the increasing urgency of addressing climate change. Here Ed Freeman connects with Mike Lenox on the urgency around climate change and why stakeholder engagement is vital to solving one of the toughest political, engineering and technological problems.

Go Time: How Leaders Can Learn to Manage Crises and Uncertainty

Leading in the face of crisis and uncertainty is a different practice from daily management and decision-making. But good managers can learn to anticipate and manage through such high-stress experiences and embed lessons learned in the enterprise. A Darden expert shares best practices — do’s as well as don’ts — for successful crisis management.

Spotlight on Spotify: Scandal, Governance and the Potential for Prevention

Spotify is under scrutiny for content on Joe Rogan’s podcast and talent compensation. Darden experts explain how crises can be tempered with good governance — who’s on the board, how it thinks about risk, the business model, strategy, process and culture. Ultimately, “Governance is the way a firm organizes around and executes on its purpose.”

The Stakeholder Podcast: Race in Business and Sports in Society

In The Stakeholder Podcast, Professor Ed Freeman interviews Bill Shelton, who leveraged his success for social good. They discuss race in business, sports in society and how the habits of elite athletes can translate into career performance. Shelton’s EOS helps female athletes translate their success into corporate careers and sponsorships.

This Moment in Time: Responsible Capitalism

Despite interest in responsible capitalism, promises on stakeholder value are being tested as COVID-19 scars economies across the globe. Professor Parmar sees a mixture of tensions — including matters of health and safety, stresses of pandemic life, issues of justice and equality — as the acid test for companies’ commitment to the stakeholder model

The Stakeholder Podcast: The Container Store and Investing in Relationships

In The Stakeholder Podcast, Professor Ed Freeman interviews Kip Tindell, founder of The Container Store, about starting a business where everyone thrives thanks to the simplest form of the stakeholder model. They discuss optimism about the post-pandemic era, employees as true partners, and how to fix the capital markets to protect stakeholders.

The Stakeholder Podcast: Save the Children and the Evolution of Business

In The Stakeholder Podcast, Professor Ed Freeman interviews Carolyn Miles, former CEO of Save the Children, on how the pandemic changed work and how organizations can overcome institutional inertia and leverage the lessons of the pandemic to be stronger, create more loyalty, be more sustainable and enhance the future of the entire enterprise.

The Stakeholder Podcast: Vital Farms and Stakeholder-Centered Capitalism

Russell Diez-Canseco, CEO of Vital Farms, a partner company of Conscious Capitalism Inc and Alexander McCobin, CEO of Conscious Capitalism Inc., tell Professor Freeman what changed their minds from “shareholder value maximizers” and led them to become two of the most outspoken advocates for stakeholder-centered capitalism.